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Psychedelic drugs could help treat the mental health epidemic we’ll face after COVID-19

    Most of us have fixed views about drugs like ecstasy or LSD. The majority of us think they are dangerous and should remain illegal. Fear of these drugs is understandable. Their effects are unpredictable and, beyond adjusting the dose, we have limited control over their effects. That’s very different to the ever-popular alcohol and cannabis which […]

Marijuana vs. Psychedelics: The Comparison

  Marijuana has been thrust into the public eye in recent years.  As legislation has become more lenient regarding its use, there has been a burgeoning movement to embrace the benefits it can confer. Those who suffer from a variety of disorders swear by its efficacy. However, there is a growing debate that psychedelics can be a […]

Ayahuasca vs DMT: How Are They Different?

Ayahuasca vs DMT: One is an ancient psychedelic brew that makes you vomit before subjecting you to hours of psychedelic introspection. The other is a chemical found in nature that when smoked, can catapult you into a totally different reality; but only for a few minutes. Both drugs have very different effects, but are actually […]

The top 4 health benefits of magic mushrooms

It is the season when many people ingest our fungal friends – beyond a fun time – what are the benefits? The Liberty Cap mushroom – Psilocybe semilanceata As autumn turns to winter, this is the season when many enthusiasts head to wilder parts of the country and spend hours walking methodically around looking at […]